The art of marinating

With the own developed, award winning Marinating Appliance you can marinate your meats professionally, fast, creating unique flavours and you can reproduce again with the same results.

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Development of marinating

The marinating is a very important part of the meat-processing for centuries, however the main reason in the first time was the curing, not the flavouring or weight-increasing.

Because of the mass production the marinating has become one of the most important modern processing action. The main aim is not only to minimalize the cooking-weightloss or increase the delightness, but the weight-increasing.

Now, when the new technologies are extending, the lassic marinating methods starts to get back tot he catering trade. At some kind of meat and pickles the proccess is very long, the result compensate.

The marinating technology and the marinating appliances have been developed a lot in the last years. With the sous-vide you can earn new flavours and decrease the weightloss, but it takes a lot of time and you cannot use it for certain dishes.

Marinating technique on masterlevel

The essentials of our own developed marinating appliance is that we pass the liquid pickle and all the spices into the meat under a circa 85% vacuum. Thanks tot he vacuum the fibers of the meat has opened so the meat can incept all the pickles.

Fast Marinating

80 minutes – 16 kg of meat

Full Marination

The spices pierce the hole meat

Unique Flavours

You can create personal, fully unique flavours

Reproductible Flavours

Measureable spice usage, 
constant flavour quality

Flexible Utilization

Prompt on plate, chilled or freezed

Without Weightloss

After cooking there is no weightloss

Free marinating demostration

Come to our marinating demostration (free of charge), where you can see personally our award winner marinating appliance working and you make yourself sure about the efficieny and the advantaged of our technology.

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